- brought to you by David Malinich - composer, musician, engineer, producer and teacher

David Malinich is a composer and songwriter with over 600 published works, and an ASCAP member since 2003. He has hundreds of songs placed in independent film and television around the world. His music has been used in episodes of The Blacklist, The Player, and Dateline NBC, as well as in the past on classics like Americas Most Wanted, A&E programs, Wide World of Sports, AMA Supercross, tv themes, multi-media ads and video games, etc.

David is a multi-instrumentalist, a studio owner of more than 20 years. He has acted as studio musician, engineer, and producer on over 1000 client recordings, inlcluding the likes of the nationally touring artist NF for a few years at the start of his career, as well as a long list of great, talented musicians, singers and songwriters. David has worked with clients from around the world doing music production, and a host of other music related services.

David endeavors to keep the latest and greatest innovations in recording technology, software and equipment, and uses high end instruments. Some of his guitar line up for example includes PRS custom, Fender, Taylor, Martin, Gretsch, Ibanez, ESP, Cordoba, etc, as well as many other instruments such as folk based instruments.

Many analog / hands on instruments are performed and recorded by David, other electronic based synths, orchestral, world, or fringe instruments performed on midi keyboard or midi guitar using the highest quality professional samples (a "sample" if you don't know is the actual and real sound of a given instrument, such as a violin, flute, etc, and converted to be played on an instrument like a keyboard).