Client Testimonials

"David has exceeded my expectations. All I have to do is give him a melody, and tell him exactly what I want and he captures what I want for the song. Sometimes it’s as if he has read my mind. He knows what I am going for. When I want to get a new song out I know I can depend on him. Great quality too, I’ve gotten many comments on the production and the sound quality. His recording skills have gotten me airplay on radio stations. Thanks David!" Mark Jager - Reese, Michigan USA
"David is an exceptional musical talent both creatively and technically. He can work with any instrument and do whatever you require in your song musically. Even if you are not sure what you want he can finish your ideas with great results! Even more impressively is he can (usually) do this within a couple of days! Great job!" Will Shad - Albany, NY USA
"Music For Your Song has been really understanding at what music I want composed and gives great details on the composition before and in between processing requests. They understood my musical tastes very quickly and are not musically limited in any shape or form. The finished musical piece is very professionally mixed and mastered - keep up the good work!" Matt Hickman, Nuneaton, Warwickshire UK
"Music For Your Song was able to present me with beautiful instrumental arrangements that I hadn't previously considered. I would recommend Music For Your Song and would use them again!" Amanda Suckow - Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA
"Having music produced for my songs was something I didn't think was possible until I found Music For Your Song! Not only do they produce amazing music but also completely understand what it is I want from my Music! Professional, talented and 100 % committed, full of helpful advice and tips, an excellent value for the money. Definitely recommend!" Alexandra Hughes, Woodford, Essex UK The Alexandra School Of Performing Arts
"Over the last 20+ years, I have recorded over 125 original songs with David. While I consider myself competent in structuring songs (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) I am not a musician; I have no idea about chord structures, keys, key changes, and so on. David is an expert in all these facets of music; he is always able to figure out exactly what sounds should be behind the song. He always treats the material, and the artist, with respect- and if you had seen some of my songs, you see that it isn't always warranted. He also is outstanding at coming up with the musical intros to the songs, as well as the music for the instrumental breaks. He also will, if wanted, make suggestions that in my experience, most always improves the overall sound of the song. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend David and his service Music For Your Song". Allen Greggory - Midland Michigan USA
"Music For your Song offers useful suggestions on how songs can be arranged, and what instrumentation can be used to make them sound fresh and interesting. Because I play only the saxophone, David's abilities to provide instruments like guitars, bass, keyboards, etc as well as his skill with the most current recording technology have really simplified the process of getting accompaniments. I don't have to shop for other musicians since Music For Your Song covers everything I need. They consistently provide me with high quality and creative music that has been a solid foundation for my songs." John Anderson - Midland, Michigan USA