Now, with just a few exceptions, all services or instruments just $25!

Before Music Creation Services

EXTRA PHONE CONSULTATION IF NEEDED / WANTED (for those that want / need more assistance than email alone) $ 25 per conversation

TRANSCRIBING IF NEEDED (Transcribing, in this case, is the act of composing a set of chords, in a given key, around your melody). For those able to put together a chord chart with their lyrics, this is not necessary. If you do need it, it's one of my specialties: $ 25

ADDITIONAL VOCAL EDITING ON SCRATCH OR FINAL VOCAL IF NEEDED: some people are great at following a metronome (or "click" track) to put their scratch (demo) vocal right to the tempo or beat, while others need their vocal to be edited (timed) out so that the music can be constructed to the correct beat, tempo, and time signature: $ 25

Music Creation Services

INSTRUMENTS - Set up of chosen instrument, sound selection, performance and recording: $25 each

ADDITIONAL MINUTES OF MUSIC - 4 minutes is included in the instrument pricing, additional minutes (across all instruments chosen): $ 25 per minute beyond 4 minutes

PROFESSIONAL MIX and MASTER OF THE MUSIC - post production services that will include things like equalization and compression of instruments, panning, level balancing, and instrument effects, light mastering before final vocal: $ 25 * up to 6 tracks (each instrument or vocal, even stereo, counted as 1 track)

ADDITIONAL MIX / MASTER ON UP TO 6 TRACKS - $25 per 6 tracks additional

REVISIONS - One FREE revsion on music creation (instruments), ALSO one FREE post production mix/master. Additional revisions: $25 per revision

CHORD SHEET (for those using transcribing services) for your song: $25

PIANO SCORE for your song: $ 50

Looking for something not on the price list? Email for custom quote: [email protected]