Bringing your songs to life with Custom Professional Music

Here is a quick look at how Music For Your Song can create Professional, Custom music - starting at just $25!

Welcome to Music For Your Song! Helping songwriters get custom, professional music for their songs. In most cases REAL instruments are performed and recorded by an expeirienced studio musician, crafted to compliment your genre and song. Please watch either the short promotional video, or for a much more in depth look at our services, the next video.

With simple, straight forward pricing, getting music designed around your original songs has never been easier or more affordable!

For more information, here is more detail about how

Music For Your Song can help you bring your song to life!

How It Works

1. Please send me an initial email introducing yourself. I'll then ask you to email me a "rough" demo of yourself either singing or playing your song (or both), using any medium you have available, such as free apps for recording on your cell phone, tablets or pc. I'm glad to talk you through this if it's new to you. If you watched the video above, you know Music For Your Song is a strictly a "work for hire" service - you retain 100% of the rights and ownership of your song.

2. After a review from MFYS, we'll discuss your song initially by email, then by phone if needed. We'll talk about what genre (style) you can see your song being in, the tempo (speed) you'd like your song to be (such as ballad, mid or up tempo, etc.). If you have specific ideas for instruments great, otherwise I can make recommendations towards what best suits the genre of your song. If you have a couple of commercial artist / songs that you could see as "similar" to yours, we can get closer to having your song being exactly how you want it for me knowing what category and range you see it in.

3. Next, I'll send you a price quote based on agreed upon instruments and services, structured from my pricing page. Payments are made securely through our pricing page by major credit card or PayPal.

4. Once you've paid, I'll ask you for a lyric sheet (sent by Word, or direct email fine) with any notes you have about your song.

5. I'll go to work on your song - usually within 3 business days from time of payment. Rarely you will see an "out of office" notice on the home page detailing time away which will be viewed as "non business" days.

6. Next you'll receive a version of your song with custom music built around your rough demo (aka "scratch vocal"). We'll discuss your review of my work, make revisions if necessary, and proceed.

7. Once satisfied with your new music, you can either record your keeper vocal at your home or home studio if you are equipped to do so, or schedule a recording session for your vocal at a local recording studio. No worries, I'll help you work out any details on this, including instructions for the studio.

8. Finally, you will receive a Master Quality, broadcast and radio ready song! I'll answer ANY questions you have along the way! I'm here to help, and want your song to be as great as it can be! CONTACT button for email at the bottom of the page or direct address is [email protected] I look forward to talking to you about bringing your song to life!

Audio Samples before / after

Some of my great client's testimonials and audio samples after getting custom music - visit the testimonials page for more!

"I have recorded over 125 original songs with David. I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend him and his service Music For Your Song"

"Professional, talented, and 100% committed..."

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